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Some local districts provide busing to our school. If you would like to use the bus for transportation please contact your local school district transportation and let them know you would like to begin busing. Please also notify Legacy’s main office at 352-1640. You only need to notify the main office if you did not indicate this on your child’s legacy enrollment packet.

Changes in transportation during the year. It is up to the parent to be aware of the districts academic calendar as well as Legacy’s to keep track of when you will or will not have busing. Legacy will try to remind parents but ultimately it is up to the parent.

Here are scenarios where transportation will change:

  • If both Legacy and your district are on a 2 hour delay you will have morning busing
  • If your district is on spring break but Legacy is in school you will have busing
  • If your district gets out of school and Legacy is still in school for the year you will have busing
  • If your school district is closed and Legacy is open you do have busing


Times when there will not be busing:

  • If Legacy is on a 2 hour delay and your district is not there is no morning busing
  • If your district has an early dismissal and Legacy does not there is no afternoon busing

School Districts Providing Busing


Beavercreek - 429-7531
Cedarcliff - 766-6000
Wilmington - 382-2357
Xenia Community - 372-3876