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Alumni are the only enduring and permanent constituency of the school. It is our goal to increase communication, encourage continued involvement and to promote positive lifelong relationships between Legacy Christian Academy alumni as well as Xenia Christian alumni and their alma mater.

We want our alumni to maintain a relationship with LCA, its faculty and staff, and other alumni regardless of graduation year or previous involvement. We are working to provide a welcoming environment, invite engagement, and actively seek opportunities for reciprocal, lifelong relationships.

One of the great privileges is when our alumni return to become faculty and staff here at LCA.  Their desire to invest in future generations in the same way their teachers invested in them demonstrates the deep foundation that was laid for our graduates. Please take a moment to read about our current alumni who return to our campus for work every day. 


Lindsay came to Xenia Christian in her 8th grade year.  During her 5 years she excelled academically, played volleyball, participated on the science team, and ultimately graduated as Valedictorian of her class. She enjoyed her time at XC and was especially impacted by Mr. Ron Surls (Bible teacher). She remembers him saying, “God’s will is pretty simple to understand… love God, keep his commands, then do what you want…”

From high school, Lindsay went on to study Applied Math at Wright State on an ROTC scholarship. In order to meet her military requirements, she ended up serving in the Air Force for almost 5 years. After college Lindsay earned her Masters degree at the Air Force Institute of Technology in the field of Applied Math. While in the military she lived in Colorado Springs where she worked as a Space Operational Test Analyst.

During grad school Lindsay met Michael Smith where the two fell in love and got married. They have two children, Colin, who started Kindergarten in 2020, and Caroline. Michael works as an electrical engineer for the Air Force.

Both Lindsay and her husband are committed to Christian education for their children. She is thankful for the spiritual foundation that was given to her at XC, and  wants that for her own kids. She sees that Christian schools provide dynamic peer interaction while also having godly teachers to set good examples while presenting content from a Biblical world view.

Legacy has changed from when it was Xenia Christian in that it has grown in the advancement and usage of technology. Lindsay sees teachers becoming well-versed in how to apply modern solutions to issues of life within the bounds of Scripture. She is pleased to be able to use technology to the glory of God. She loves being back at her alma mater and having the opportunity to invest in students the way her teachers invested in her.


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