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Please see the appropriate Graduation Checklist below for your graduation requirements:


Graduation Checklist

Physical Education -- 1/2 credit (can be waived by participation in two seasons of sports)
-Students using the sports waiver must earn an additional 1/2 credit in the elective category
-Students not participating in sports can earn PE credit using an independent study plan.

Download and print the Independent Study PE plan


Testing Requirement


Students in the class of 2018 and beyond are required to earn a total of 18 points on seven specific subject End of Course tests, with no single score lower than a 2.  Legacy Christian Academy uses portions of the TerraNova3 standardized testing, as an approved alternative to the state tests.  Another option is receiving a “remediation-free” score in English language arts and mathematics on the ACT or SAT.  The state of Ohio will pay one time for all 11th grade students in the classes of 2018 and beyond to take the exam free of charge.  Legacy Christian Academy will facilitate the ACT.  See the graduation checklist for more details.