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Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2023 and beyond.


1. Students must complete a Prescribed Course of Study which includes all of the state and Legacy Christian Academy Requirements.

Click Here to Download a Graduation Checklist/Planner to make sure that you complete all necessary requirements.

2. Students must Demonstrate Math and English Competency By achieving Minimum Competency Scores on the:

  • Algebra 1 End of Course State Test
  • English Language Arts II State Test

The minimum competency score is currently set at 684 for both tests. There are alternative options for students that are unable to meet this requirement. 

Students must also complete other End of Course State Tests in the following subjects:
  • Geometry
  • Biology
  • American History
  • American Government

Students are excused from taking an End of Course State test if the course was taken when the student was homeschooled, lived outside of Ohio, or if the course was taken untraditionally.

3. Students must earn at least two graduation seals.  One of the Seals Must Be STate defined.  The Most Common State DeFined Seals are:

  • The Science Seal
  • The Citizenship Seal 
  • The College-Ready Seal
  • The Honors Diploma Seal

The requirements for these seals and a list of other state defined seals can be found on the graduation checklist/planner that is linked above.

One of the seals can be Legacy Christian academy defined.  Those seals and their requirements are as follows:
  • Community Service Seal

Legacy Christian Academy students may earn the Community Service Seal toward graduation by documenting at least 60 total hours of community service for a single organization or a cause (40 hours for the class of 2023) and writing a three-page reflection paper on their service experience. 

  • Student Engagement Seal

Legacy Christian Academy students may earn the Certified Student Engagement Seal through extracurricular participation in athletics, drama, or student government during high school. Students who qualify for the Certified Student Engagement Seal through one of the pathways outlined below must additionally write a three-page reflection paper on their athletic, performing arts, or student government experience. The requirements for each pathway stand alone; they may not be combined to meet the requirements for this seal. All requirements for the Certified Student Engagement Seal must be completed while the student is enrolled in grades 9-12. Approved pathways:

  • Earn four varsity letters in athletics.
  • Participate as a cast member in four plays and/or musicals.
  • Serve as a student senate officer for three academic years.