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College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) is the State of Ohio's Dual-Enrollment Program.


If you were unable to attend that CCP Informational meeting, please review the PowerPoint Presentation below.
This must be done by both the student and a parent and the advising checklist (also linked below) must be completed and returned.

Click here to view the 2024-2025 CCP Informational Meeting PRESENTATION
Click here for the 2024-2025 CCP Advising checklist

The following list outlines the steps to take to participate as a Legacy Christian Academy student:

Step 1

Apply to the college or colleges of your choice.  Do not delay.  Many schools have application deadlines in the middle of March.  You will need your acceptance letter in order to submit your funding application.  If you are a continuing CCP student using the same college/university, ask them for a letter of continuing enrollment / good standing.  You will not need to re-apply.  Most colleges will require an ACT score or other placement testing.  If you don't have a test score, the colleges/universities can provide you with that testing.  

Step 2

Establish a OH|ID account to access the funding application.  Go to:

Step 3

Complete your application for funding on your SAFE account.  The deadline to complete your funding application is April 1, 2024, by 5:00pm EST.

Click here for the Funding Application Manual to help give guidance on setting up your OH|ID account and completing the funding application. (I highly recommend that you follow this carefully as there are little things that are easy to miss)

During the application process, you will need Legacy Christian Academy’s IRN number which is 067546.

You will also need the IRN numbers of the college or colleges you wish to attend.  Following is a list of the common colleges that our students use for CCP and their IRN numbers.  Click on a college to be taken to that college's CCP website.  I have also included the name of our contact at each of the colleges.  Click on their names to send them an email.

Cedarville University -- 063636 *** (Stephen Buettell)

Ohio Christian University – 113761 *** (Beth Ash)

Wright State University -- 063123 *** (Cathy Davis)

Sinclair Community College -- 063362 *** (Cyrus Stork or Jillian Sacha)

Clark State Community College -- 063370 *** (Caity Sellers)