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Homeschool Secondary

Legacy Christian Academy offers a unique educational blend for parents who desire to pursue a distance learning/alternative educational path for their children during high school, but also want access to the benefits a Christian high school offers.  At Legacy Christian Academy we are excited about the opportunity to partner with families on this track to provide excellent academics, special activities, sports and fine arts participation.

High school students enrolled in the program receive the following benefits:

  • Select a Diploma or Non-diploma track
  • May take up to 3.5 credits each school year
  • Eligible for athletic participation*
  • Eligible for theater/drama participation*
  • Eligible for mission and other trips
  • CCP and dual credit enrollment options
  • Counselor and testing services
  • Chapel participation
  • Access to online partners Sevenstar and Ignitia
  • Special Events: Homecoming, Prom, Spirit Week, etc.
  • Academic advisor support
  • School pictures
  • Career and guidance services
  • Senior retreat, senior trip, yearbook, baccalaureate, commencement/graduation services

*Must be enrolled in at least one class each semester to participate.

For more information please email David Bryant or call him at 937-352-1662.

Prospective distance learning/alternative education families must meet all Legacy Christian Academy admissions requirements as well as additional requirements for acceptance into the LCA Distance Learning/Alternative Education program.

Applicants for 7th and 8th grade and non-diploma track 9th-12th graders:  Please submit a copy of the letter you received from your umbrella school or local school district superintendent excusing your student from compulsory attendance.  You may either upload it here or submit it directly to the school. For more information on homeschooling in Ohio, please click here.

Legacy Christian Academy diploma track 9th-12th graders: The parent must serve as the primary teaching parent and the other as the supportive parent. They must meet the following criteria:


  • View distance learning/alternative education as a commitment.
  • Not have regular employment that is during normal school hours regardless of the age of the student enrolled. (Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Principal).
  • Have received a high school diploma, or the equivalent.
  • Abide by the assurances required for home educators by the State of Ohio that at least nine hundred hours of home education/alternative education will be completed throughout the school year.
  • Have the ability to plan for and teach at his/her child’s educational level and accept the responsibility to do so.



Has the ability to plan for and teach at his/her child’s educational level and accepts the responsibility to do so.