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Homeschool Secondary

Secondary Homeschool Electives 

Christian homeschooling families with secondary students (grades 7-12) may supplement their homeschooling curriculum and offerings by attending part-time in up to four Legacy Christian Academy courses each semester. Homeschooled students may attend Bible courses, fine arts classes, advanced electives, or other curricular areas of interest. Legacy Christian Academy can provide a transcript documenting accredited high school credits earned for homeschool record keeping. 

Homeschooled students attending Legacy for at least one course each semester may participate fully in the student life program, including school events, chapel, athletic programs, drama productions, and school trips, including missions trips. [Note: some events or programs have try-outs or applications, and some require an additional fee or cost.] 

Homeschooled students who have met Ohio requirements for high school graduation and who have accumulated at least four Legacy Christian Academy high school credits — including at least one full credit during the senior year — may participate in Legacy Christian Academy’s high school graduation ceremony. Such students will not receive a Legacy Christian Academy diploma, but they will be recognized as homeschool graduates, and parents may provide a homeschool diploma for the ceremony. Students wishing to earn a Legacy Christian Academy high school diploma must enroll full-time at Legacy Christian Academy for at least the senior year and meet all Legacy Christian Academy graduation requirements. 

In order to attend Legacy, prospective homeschool families must meet all Legacy Christian Academy admissions requirements.  Additionally, all homeschool families with students attending part-time at Legacy must annually submit a copy of the letter they receive from their umbrella school or local school district superintendent excusing their student(s) from compulsory attendance.  For more information about homeschooling in Ohio, please click here

If you have any questions or need additional information, please call us at (937) 352-1640.