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Elementary Art

Art in the elementary years is critical in developing a well-rounded student. Art helps to inspire the imagination. Many of the motions involved in art help to improve and fine-tune motor skills.  It aids students by strengthening problem solving and critical-thinking skills. Finally, it helps students to grow in self-confidence.

Art, properly demonstrated, allows children to learn new things
without the fear of failure or perfection.

We see God’s sense of artistry all throughout creation… the colors, the details, the scope of beauty that He put into our world. Most children enjoy being creative. At LCA we think learning should be fun and exciting and we want to allow children to explore their own God-given creativity in a safe, hands-on, interactive environment.

Throughout the year in Elementary Art we cover the elements of art within various projects.  We use many different types of media – from pencil to paint, oil pastels to clay, to explore lines, colors, shape, form, texture, and space.





Secondary Art

Building on the foundation developed in Elementary Art, students in grades 7-12 will develop their creative ability and artistic skills through a comprehensive curriculum. Our goal is for every student to discover their unique ability to create artwork that inspires worship and honors our original Creator. Students will gain an appreciation for art and the ability to think creatively, regardless of their experience or artistic talent.

  • Junior High Art students will focus on developing drawing skills using a variety of mediums. Projects and exercises provide opportunity to discover and practice techniques, giving them the necessary tools to express their creative ideas.
  • In Art 1 & Art 2 high school students continue to explore and experiment with a wider variety of mediums through projects in drawing, painting and sculpture. By studying and implementing the Elements and Principles of Art and Color Theory, students will learn how to use these building blocks to improve and enrich their artwork.
  • In Art 3 will dive into Art History, studying the powerful ways art has shaped cultures and worldviews and evaluating works of art to learn from the masters. 
  • Art 4 is the culmination of all previous courses of study in art. Students will seek to understand what it means to be a Christian artist and have the opportunity to develop their own unique style, producing a portfolio that is creative, inspiring and relevant.







The high school yearbook staff devotes one academic block period in their schedule to prepare a memorable and entertaining visual record of the school year. Not only does this create a lasting memory for years to come, it also gives students experience and training in the areas of design, layout, composition, writing and business.

Digital Photography 1 & 2:

These semester long photography classes are intended to give high school students the skills they need to successfully capture images of the world around them while bringing honor to God. Students will learn how to take a successful photograph with strong composition and proper camera settings while using their Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR cameras (provided by the school for the duration of the class). Adobe Photoshop is the photo editing program that students will use in the second semester. They will be given many opportunities to practice these skills throughout both semesters and create final projects that will be printed as individual artwork. 

Terra Stanley

Elementary Art

Motyka Johnson

Secondary Art