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The art of storytelling… that’s what theater truly is. When you can create believable characters, place them in new worlds and give them situations and circumstances that create conflict, resolution and develop relationships… you’re telling a good story. There’s so much about live theater that we, as the audience, can enjoy. The lights, the scenery, the costumes and props, and watching our friends and loved ones put themselves into a new scenario, and maybe stretch themselves beyond their normal boundaries, and do it with excellence, that’s when theater truly comes alive!

Jesus understood the art of storytelling. So often he chose to teach a life principle by using a “parable” also known as… a STORY. He could help people relate to characters and situations by teaching through this means, and thereby communicate on a deeper level. He was a great story teller!

Legacy Christian Academy (and formerly Xenia Christian) has a rich history of telling great stories, and doing it with excellence. We are pleased to be able to take young men and women and grow them in their talents and abilities (some of whom never knew such abilities even existed within themselves!). We love to provide our school community with the opportunity to experience life through someone else’s eyes. We love to tell a great story!



High School Plays and Musicals

2013  Bridge of Blood        
           Oliver Twist        
2014  Laffing Room Only        
           Beauty and the Beast        
2015  Harvey        
           Fiddler on the Roof        
2016  Peter Pan        
2017  Wizard of Oz        
2018  The King and I        
        Cheaper by the Dozen        
2019  Aladdin!        
           The Importance of Being Earnest        
2020 Bridge of Blood        
2021 Annie Jr.        
2021 The Curious Savage        
2022 Oliver!        
           Ransom of Red Chief    
2023 Fiddler on the Roof


Junior High Plays

2010  Anne of Green Gables 
2011  You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (musical) 
2012  Shoestring Theatre 
2013  Father Knows Best 
2014  Ransom of Red Chief 
2015  Missionary of Oz 
2021 You're A Good Man Charlie Brown! 
2022 Foibles & Folly 
2023 Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe