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Alumni are the only enduring and permanent constituency of the school. It is our goal to increase communication, encourage continued involvement and to promote positive lifelong relationships between Xenia Christian alumni and their alma mater.

We hope that all alumni who desire to maintain a relationship with XCS, its faculty and staff, and other alumni have the ability to do so – regardless of graduation year or previous involvement. We want to provide a welcoming environment, invite engagement, and actively seek opportunities for reciprocal, lifelong relationships.

A continuing alumni relationship:

-  Enhances student recruitment by signaling that a powerful affiliation exists worldwide in support of the school

-  Increases the value of your XC diploma by highlighting the accomplishments and commitment of Ambassadors

-  Preserves XC's distinctive, nationally known traditions and helps students understand that being an Ambassador is a lifelong commitment

-  Provides an avenue through which informed advocates for XC can voice their opinions and be heard by XC administrators and the community

-  Grows a larger network of Ambassadors who can help fellow Ambassadors in an increasingly competitive world

We welcome your engagement!

Resources for Alumni: