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College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus (CCP) is the State of Ohio's Dual-Enrollment Program



MONDAY, JANUARY 7th, 2020.


The following checklist outlines the steps to take to participate as a Legacy Christian Academy student:


Step 1

Submit your intent to participate form to the Department of Education by April 1st.

  • It can be emailed to:
  • OR it can be mailed to: Ohio Department of Education, 25 South Front Street  MS 311, Columbus, OH  43215
  • (Please also send a copy of your intent to participate form to Mr. Bryant either by carbon copying (cc) your email to, or by delivering a copy to the office.)
Click here to download and print the CCP Intent to Participate Form for Non-Public school students

Click here to download and print the CCP Intent to Participate Form for Homeschool students


Step 2

Apply to the college or colleges of your choice.  You will need your acceptance letter in order to submit your funding application.  Colleges will require an ACT score or other placement testing.  If still needed, they can provide this testing.

Step 3

Establish a SAFE account with the Department of Education.  Go to:

Step 4

Complete your application for funding on your SAFE account.  The deadline to complete your funding application is April 12, 2019, by 5:00pm EST.

Click here for helpful videos to assist with the process of setting up your SAFE account,and completing your CCP funding application

Click here to download the CCP Funding Application Manual

During the application process, you will need Legacy Christian Academy’s IRN number which is 067546.

You will also need the IRN numbers of the college or colleges you wish to attend.  Following is a list of the common colleges that our students use for CCP and their IRN numbers.  Click on a college to be taken to that college's CCP website.  I have also included the name of our contact at each of the colleges.

Cedarville University -- 063636  (Amanda Wilson (student advisor))

Wright State University -- 063123  (Cathy Davis)

Sinclair Community College -- 063362  (Alicia Adams)

Clark State Community College -- 063370  (Clarissa Beavers)

Urbana University -- 063958 (Jessica Jones)

Southern State Community College -- 067694