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Student Outcomes

School wide Expected Student Outcomes


Academic Preparedness:
  1. Are able to think critically, analyze information, and draw conclusions across multiple subject areas; and can apply these skills and subjects to demonstrate verbal, written, and technological competence.
  2. Are trained to think and behave as adults.
  3. Value intellectual inquiry and have the skills to solve problems, make wise decisions, and demonstrate higher order thinking skills for college, the marketplace and their own Christian development.


Spiritual Foundation:
  1. Have a vibrant relationship with Jesus.
  2. Are prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks to give the reason for their hope.
  3. Evidence the fruit of the Spirit.


Social Interaction:
  1. Practice peacemaking in their relationships with God, with others, and with the world around them.
  2. Cultivate integrity in their character and in their behavior.
  3. Are developing courage in the face of adversity.
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