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Wall of Thanksgiving


Please join with us as we take a moment to express our thankfulness to our great God. Our blessings are abundant, and we want to invite the LCA community to share with one another the many things that God has done for our children, our families and our school. 

Please take a moment to leave a comment about below that will become a part of our Wall of Thanksgiving. All submissions will be previewed and approved before they appear on our website. 

Created By
Date Created
Last Modified
Grateful and blessed beyond words
By: Becca Shepherd
Created On: 11/27/2020
Last Modified On: 11/27/2020
I can't express my gratitude for Legacy and Legacy staff, you came into our lives at a very difficult time for us and I know it was God's plan for Anthony's life to be a part of ... read more
Happy Thanksgiving
By: Linda Sommers
Created On: 11/26/2020
Last Modified On: 11/26/2020
I'm thankful for a school where we can freely pray and share the love of the Lord with one another. I am thankful for all the students, families, and staff who genuinely care for one another.... read more
An Attitude of Gratitude
By: David and Dorothy Hubbard
Created On: 11/25/2020
Last Modified On: 11/25/2020
We have all been so greatly blessed by God and because of that we should continually strive for an attitude of gratitude in everything we do!  Thank you to the teachers, administrators and staff ... read more
Thankful for teachers!
By: Amy Frederick
Created On: 11/22/2020
Last Modified On: 11/22/2020
I am thankful for the Jr. High teachers. Each one has made a life changing impact on my kids. Thankful for the teaching they bless my kids with not just in academics, but with knowing Jesus more and d... read more
Thankful Notes
By: LCA Faculty and Staff
Created On: 11/20/2020
Last Modified On: 11/20/2020
The video was created from the discussion forum for our Faculty and Staff Friday Devotional. Mr. Scheck started the discussion by saying, " I would like to ask each of us to list one pr... read more
God Is
By: Greg Scheck
Created On: 11/20/2020
Last Modified On: 11/20/2020
In the midst of the uncertainty and fear of our time, I am grateful that God is. He is the great I Am. He has given us days to love our family and friends. And as the Apostle Paul states "Th... read more
Count Your Blessings
By: Evangeline Baskar
Created On: 11/18/2020
Last Modified On: 11/18/2020
As I sat and thought about this difficult and uncertain time it is difficult to give thanks to our maker. The pandemic has left us with 11.3M cases of infection and 243K deaths in our country. Ho... read more
2nd grade teacher
By: Julianne Bush
Created On: 11/17/2020
Last Modified On: 11/17/2020
I am so thankful for all the students who have passed through the 2nd grade, for the amazing Christian fellowship we have each day we enter the school building, and for the dedicated, truly loving adm... read more
In person school blessing
By: Beth Shaeffer
Created On: 11/16/2020
Last Modified On: 11/16/2020
Each day of in person learning is a huge blessing, and we were blessed with more than most schools. For that we are very thankful.
Elementary Principal
By: Mr. Combs
Created On: 11/14/2020
Last Modified On: 11/14/2020
I am thankful for the teachers who serve our students each day at LCA. It is a blessing to work with such dedicated faculty who care so much for the children. As well, I am grateful for the parents wh... read more
By: Chris Gay
Created On: 11/14/2020
Last Modified On: 11/26/2020
As I sit here in Saudi Arabia thousands of miles from everyone & everything I know and love, I am Thankful!  I am Thankful for Family and extended Family.  For us military folk, extended... read more
By: Shelley
Created On: 11/12/2020
Last Modified On: 11/12/2020
I am so thankful for our dedicated Legacy teachers who have poured so much into our kids this year.....and that they have been in the classroom and thriving!