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How to Re-enroll

Thank you for continuing to partner with us at Legacy Christian Academy.  We appreciate your commitment to Christian Education!
Please take a few moments to read the following as you will be asked to indicate your agreement during the re-enrollment process:

Statement of Faith
Admissions Policies
Policy on Marriage and Human Sexuality

Before You Begin

You will need to know your ParentsWeb login in order to complete the re-enrollment application. If you do not have a login, please contact the Main Office at 937-352-1640.

RenWeb’s online process requires that only one parent be given re-enrollment rights for each student to avoid duplication. The default setting provides this right to the mother. If you need to change this setting prior to beginning the re-enrollment process for your student(s), please email and provide the name(s) of the student(s) for whom you are requesting this change.


1.  Log into your ParentWeb account. The district code is XC-OH.

2.  Please complete the Online Enrollment packet by accessing it through the ParentsWeb portal. Click the logo in the top right hand side of this page to log in.  Once logged in, select "Apply/Enroll", then "Enrollment/Re-enrollment" from the expanded menu.  It will take you to the Online Re-enrollment packet. Some information will be pre-loaded into the packet which you will need to review and update. Thank you for your patience in filling out the enrollment form.

*Note: In an effort to streamline student billing, we are asking that all families create a payment plan through FACTS, whether you make annual, semi-annual or monthly school payments. If you already have a FACTS account, use your current login and password. If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Business Office at 937-352-1640.

3.  After you have completed the enrollment packet, a Submit Enrollment Packet and Make Payment option will appear. Please follow the instructions that will be provided to submit the enrollment packet along with the returning student non-refundable enrollment fee of $100 per student by February 28 or $325 per student after February 28th. There is no enrollment fee for New Students as they have already paid an application fee.

4.  After your enrollment packet is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. At any time, you can re-access Online Enrollment through your ParentsWeb login to print the supplemental enrollment forms or a PDF copy of the completed enrollment packet.

**For Re-enrolling EdChoice (Expansion and traditional) Scholarship families**
  • You will need to complete the above steps to re-enroll your students, and then please submit your EdChoice Renewal Form* along with your acceptable Proof of Address to our Admissions Office as soon as possible to secure your spot for next year.
  • Please submit the Income Verification Form*, if applicable, along with the needed financial documents to EdChoice as soon as possible for review.
  • If you will be enrolling a new student and would like to apply for an Ohio EdChoice Expansion Scholarship, please start that process here.
  • If you are a current family, please click here to check your student's eligibility to apply for an EdChoice Scholarship.

      *Renewal and Income Verification forms will be available beginning January 27 per the Ohio Department of Education.

**For Re-enrolling Jon Peterson Scholarship Families**

Find more information about renewing by clicking here.

**For Re-enrolling Families Applying for Tuition Assistance**

Please go to our Financial Aid page for instructions to apply for tuition assistance. Applications for reenrolling families must be submitted by February 28.

Have a question? We are here to help! If you need assistance, please contact us at 937-352-1640 or by email (

Legacy Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in admissions policies, financial aid, athletic and other school-administered programs. LCA reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance, religious commitment, lifestyle choices, and personal qualifications including a willingness to cooperate with LCA administration and to abide by its policies. (Romans 2:11)
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