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Financial Aid

Financial Aid Program

The Financial Aid Program is designated to provide financial assistance for families in full-time PreK through 12th grade with demonstrated financial need. The LCA part-time PreK and Homeschool programs do not qualify for financial aid. Financial Aid may not be used to cover application/enrollment fees. Decisions are finalized based on need and not solely on income levels. Families are encouraged to consider the application process if there is a need for financial assistance. Financial awards are primarily determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment (FGAA), a third party assessment.
Once awarded, the student(s) and parent(s) must remain in good financial, conduct, and academic standing with the school as a condition of assistance being continued.
Application and Award Timeframe for Current Families:
  1. Early Application period from February 1 - March 31   Our goal for families who apply early is to determine awards by April 30. Please note: the majority of the funds will be awarded to families applying in the Early Application Period.
  2. Application received after March 31    Awards will be determined in the order the applications are completed.
Application and Award Timeframe for New Families:
  1. If desiring consideration for financial aid, please apply as soon as possible after your enrollment paperwork is completed.
  2. Families are notified of financial aid awards after the application is complete with all supporting documentation and is reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee.
How to Apply for Financial Aid
  1. You will be asked to supply copies of verification of income and all supporting documents, i.e. W-2s, income tax forms, etc. Applications are not considered complete until all supporting documentation has been provided.
  2. The application fee charged by FACTS to apply is $35.

If you have further questions, please contact us by phone at 937-352-1660.

Non-Discrimination Policy: Legacy Christian Academy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in admissions policies, financial aid, athletic and other school-administered programs. Legacy Christian Academy reserves the right to select students on the basis of academic performance, religious commitment, lifestyle choices, and personal qualifications including a willingness to cooperate with Legacy Christian Academy administration and to abide by its policies. (Romans 2:11)