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Arts & Worship Center Project

If you have ever had the opportunity of attending one of our dynamic spring musical productions, you know, first hand, what talented and committed people we have learning and serving here at LCA. If you haven't had that opportunity, you've missed a real treat. 

Each week on the stage of the Auditorium we hold chapel for all of our student body where speakers and musicians instill the truth of God's Word into the hearts and minds of our students. It is one of the many ways we work to build up our young people in the establishment of a Biblical worldview.

In addition, the Auditorium is where our musicians present the labors of their hard work in multiple concerts throughout the school year. Our theater students, stage craft class and additional meetings and events all call the Auditorium their home. The building hasn't seen a true renovation since it was built in the 1940's. The original wooden seats are tired as are the students who have to sit on them each week. 


Please take a moment to look through the booklet at the top of this page to get an idea of what we have planned. It's very exciting. 

Would you consider giving and sponsoring this project at whatever level you can? Would you consider buying a seat or two? We are promoting a naming system per chair for $800 each.  There are many ways you can honor our mission by the things you say on the plates. You may want to put your family name and the years of attendance on the plaque.  You may want to buy a chair for each of your graduates in the family.  You could honor a teacher who has meant a lot to you (current or from the past). You may want to put your business name and a verse, or the name of your church (we have 60 churches with students here currently).  We are open to other creative methods, but the goal is to symbolize a united body working together to see God’s work happen now and into the future.

Think about the power and value of a first-class auditorium that focuses on the arts, music, musicals and plays, community events, chapels, and other worship events to make a statement of excellence to the glory of our God and to be an encouragement to walk in His principles and grace!

We are so thankful for our great start!  We are hoping and praying for 500 or so families, churches, businesses to jump in and make this renovation a reality.  Would it not be amazing, and an extraordinary joy, to see this money raised, and project complete by next school year!?  It can happen when the Body of Christ comes together and makes it so!


Would you consider giving to this project? Click here.