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Would you consider supporting us in Prayer?

Please join us as we commit ourselves to praying for our school. As we continue to progress toward the future, we NEED your prayer support. We are asking our school community to commit themselves to PRAY for our school... to pray daily and to pray specifically. 


Will you join us?

At a recent Parent Meeting, we distributed this card to everyone present. We asked that our families would put this card  in a place of prominence to remind them to pray faithfully for Legacy. If you would like one of these cards, please ask in the school office, and we will gladly provide one for you. 

Our Progress depends on God's hand of blessing. Please pray for our school.

Investing in the Future

People who choose to educate their children at LCA do so because they want their children to have a biblical foundation upon which everything their kids will ever learn can be built. They recognize that their children, really all children, have a spiritual dimension that must be nurtured in order to provide a compete education of the whole child. They do so at a great deal of personal cost. They don't get a tax break for doing so. The costs for a Christian education are over and above what they already pay to their state and local government. So why do they do it? They are investing, not only in their own children, but in the future for all of us.

Our kid's hearts and minds are one of the greatest resources we have and their preparation for life is essential. This is why we at Legacy work in partnership with the home. The costs are great. We need other partners who would be willing to come alongside and partner with us in a financial way. We need people who believe in educating the WHOLE person... mind, heart, body and soul, and will invest financially with us to enable this work to thrive in this community.


Would you consider being such a partner?

We would appreciate your partnership in prayer.

We would appreciate your partnership in giving.

We would appreciate your partnership in serving.

There are numerous ways and places that would benefit from your generosity. Please look at the links on this page to see if there is a way in which you would prayerfully consider being a part of this great school!

Thank you in advance!

Other ways to benefit LCA