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This is a giving, stewardship report. We are so thankful for your help over the past year (The giving really started in fall of 2015).

I also wanted to share my praises for how God has supplied up to this point.

Never one to rest on our “laurels”, past accomplishments, I also want you to see the projects that are ahead of us and get you involved in the prayer and problem-solving for each one!!

What has happened:     

Purchase                                                        $250,000 (of $550,000 purchase price)     
Gym Renovation                                          $30,000     
Sidewalks                                                       $15,000     
New Uniforms                                              $40,000     
Transition Costs                                           $150,000     
Asphalt Repairs                                            $5,000     
Wrestling Room Renovations                  $15,000     
Water Heater/HVAC Replacements       $15,000     
Faculty/Staff Increases                              $75,000     
Auditorium Roof                                          This Spring!     
(10,000 Volunteer Hours!!!)                             
Purchase/Transition Campaign         =    $700,000 of $1 Million     (2015 - Fall of 2019)    

Note! $300,000 is still needed in the next two years for the Purchase/Transition $1 Million Campaign.

But we do not want to slow down the momentum and keep pushing for the needs in our future. Here is another $1 Million Dream List. Praying for resources to move forward on the following projects:     


  1.     Gym Roof                                                                     $77,000     
  2.     Auditorium Bathrooms                                           $70,000     
  3.     Wrestling Room                                                         $50,000     
  4.     Gym Locker Rooms                                                   $40,000     
  5.     Auditorium Curtains                                                 $35,000     
  6.     PA System                                                                    $35,000     
  7.     Gym Air Conditioning                                               $100,000     
  8.     Auditorium Air Conditioning                                  $140,000     
  9.     Auditorium Front Doors                                           $30,000     
  10.     Lincoln Roof Flashing/Downspouts                      $25,000     
  11.     Two Make Up Tanks Leaking/Boiler System       $20,000     
  12.     Band Shell Community Project                               $150,000     
  13.     Auditorium Chairs                                                       $250,000     
  14.     Stage Lights/Renovation                                          $25,000     
  15.     Door Locks/Safety Upgrades                                   $10,000

Lists like these can be overwhelming, even paralyzing.

We have to remember several things:

  1. God owns it all and He will/can do what He wants.
  2. We have come so far. Many people did not believe we could do what we did! To have 22 givers in the course of a year to now over 250 is incredible!
  3. Although it is so wonderful, neat to see how our own people, our own community, “stepped it up”, we have also seen people come “from nowhere” and give significantly. That was true of a $120,000 gift last year and true of a wonderful lady (friend of one of our grandparents) who said, “I want to replace the roof on the Auditorium!”
  4. So, we put the needs on our list and we trust God for our future.
  5. 2 Chronicles 7:14 – Might our prayers be about “healing”, restoring, and renovating our land/property to be used for His purposes and glory!

Would you like to be a part of God's blessing as we fight for our mission, expand, and grow? Let me know what in on your heart! 

In His Grip, 

Dan L. Bragg, Ed.D