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LCA's Costa Rica Trip

May 14, 2020
By Payton Burdette

On Monday, Marth 9th, Legacy Christian Academy sent 15 students and 4 leaders to Costa Rica. That first day consisted of 5 hours on an airplane and nearly 8 hours on a bus. The second day of the trip is when the action began. The majority of the team hosted a VBS at a local school, where over 300 kids arrived and heard the gospel message. While that was going on, four team members were pouring concrete for Pastor Samuel, the local pastor, and his church. They were kind enough to provide the team with lunch and dinner throughout the week. The original plan for the day was for the team to go and minister to a nearby high school. However, due to COVID-19, the school cancelled on them. Although worried at first, the team was still able to trust God and still make an impact on that day. They decided to help Pastor Samuel with construction. The team cleaned up one of their buses, built a pathway leading up to the church, poured more concrete and accomplished much more! The work that they completed in one day would have taken Pastor Samuel three months.

The next day the team arrived at a high school where they would be teaching English and spreading a gospel message among varying age groups. After hours of broken English, laughs, tears, and heartfelt testimonies from the team, roughly forty-five Costa Rican children came to Christ on that day. After a quick ice cream stop the team returned for dinner to the church grounds where they had put so much work into the day prior. It was here they received an unfortunate message. Due to the pandemic’s rising spread, the team had to return home five days early. In the wake of that message a wash of sadness and disappointment spread over the team; leaders and students both alike. Thankfully, the next day held some much-needed fun. After a long and early bus ride the team arrived at the Quepos Canyon Zipline Tour where the team took upward. At top speeds and perilous heights, the Costa Rican jungles were graced with the screams of the whole team. After all the fun the team arrived at their final destination, camp Brittney. Here the team would meet several pastors' kids, help spread a gospel message, teach, play, and eventually bid their tearful farewells to Costa Rica.


LCA Artists

May 14, 2020
By Loghan Keefer
While the Covid-19 pandemic has cancelled everything from sports to a regular graduation, another group of students were also disappointed. The ACSI Art Festival is a place where students all over can show off their work, compete in a competition, and join workshops throughout the day to learn more and improve their art skills. Since the festival was cancelled, many talented artists won’t be recognized for their work. To honor some of the LCA students that deserve to be recognized, I have asked them each to write a short summary about their chosen pieces that includes their inspiration, chosen medium, and any other information they want the audience to know.

“I am very happy with the way my drawing turned out! I love the way the drawing expresses a tropical theme and jungle habitat. The main idea for this drawing that I created, was to make it feel like you are in the jungle viewing colorful birds in the trees. I love the way that the one rainbow bird stands out because of its magnificent colors. This piece of artwork I made in a process of steps. I started out the drawing with a simple sketch of where I was going to place each piece of the drawing. Then I drew a sketch of the birds and the trees in the background. After that I went over it cleaning up the lines. Then I outlined it in color and colored it in. That is the way I went about this tropical bird drawing.”
-Olivia Augustine



 “Out of my two pieces, my continuous line drawing is my favorite. It is a drawing of my favorite animal; a whale. Whales just amaze me because of their gigantic size and amazing features. Whales remind me of God’s power because they seem so big to us but they don’t even compare to God and his love. I also used watercolor on this piece because to me it brings out the picture’s beauty, especially in the water.”
-Audrey Stanley


“This painting is of a house my great-grandpa built in the prairies of North Dakota. I used oil paint, a medium I have liked in the past. I did the sky first, followed by the grass and then lastly the house (perhaps).”
- Caden Nelson





“I chose to do a painting of a Hershey’s chocolate bar because I wanted chocolate at the time and I knew I couldn’t go wrong with chocolate. One thing I was skeptical about when working on it was the mint green background, but it turned out to compliment the bar very well. I used acrylic paint along with many hours of work to create this piece and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.”
-Nathan Meade




“I used a picture I took when I went to a Reds’ game with a close friend. She had special access to the stadium and we went to the top and looked out over the river. It was so beautiful at sunset. I used pointillism and oil paint. Each speck of color is its own dot and the canvas is very textured. First, I printed off my picture and divided it and the canvas into equal, corresponding squares. Then I focused on one square at a time. This helped me look at each pixel and see the colors individually. If you look closely at the darker parts of the sky you can see specks of red and pink in the blue. I did each square like this.  The process took many, many hours and there were times I just didn't want to finish it. I’m really glad I did, though, because I think it turned out pretty good.”
-Loghan Keefer


Sports Shutdown

May 14, 2020
By Josh Hamilton

As this virus has continued its rampage across our nation, most sports organizations, from peewee soccer all the way up to professional-level teams, have been shut down for the time being. When COVID-19 first hit the United States, athletes, fans, and team owners all around the country grew somewhat nervous. The first athletics-related things to be shut down were close-contact, indoor sports, such as basketball. This was a huge loss to much of the U.S. community because the NCAA basketball tournament, also known as March Madness, was just about to begin. This year, University of Dayton basketball was likely to be ranked third in the nation heading into the tournament, and the city of Dayton was pumped for it to start. When the UD students first heard about the cancelation, they actually rioted in the streets of the college. After the basketball shutdown, everything seemed to crash down like a tidal wave, with most professional sports leagues closing for the year. Although this absence of something so big in many of the lives of U.S. citizens has created a lot of empty space where various sports activities used to be, there are now many opportunities to use that time for better purposes. Sports are not inherently wrong, but they can cause people to become distracted from the rest of the world around them. Use this time to get outside, reach out to friends and stay connected. Even though many things are closed right now, it will all eventually return to normal.


Dear Payton

May 14, 2020
By Payton

Dear Payton,

My Instagram is really struggling. I don’t have many followers and I’m not sure what to do. What do you think? -a struggling influencer

The advice I am about to give you is actually honest advice, which is really weird for me. If you’re truly trying to become an online influencer, I would recommend creating content on TikTok. The discover-ability is much greater, and you’re way more likely to become famous. Now there are a few downsides to having your fame come from TikTok. The main one being that often time influencer on TikTok have less respect than those on Instagram or YouTube. But then again, I don’t give any respect to anyone so don’t worry about me. No matter what, just realize that your value as a person does not come from how many followers you have online, rather it comes from how many friends you have in real life.

Dear Payton,

I’ve overplayed all my normal music during this quarantine, and I need some new artists to listen to. What are your go-to artists and songs?

Literally anything that isn’t country music or country music. For those who are unaware, I do not like country music.

Dear Payton,

I need a new series to binge from Netflix. I’ve already watched The Office 3 times. What shows do you recommend? - bored in quarantine

Ah yes, this is a problem that I often face as well. Usually when I need a new series to watch, I will scroll through Netflix for hours and hours until I inevitably choose to re-watch The Office. I recommend you do the same.

Dear Payton,

Why do people keep talking about animal crossing? 

The answer is simple. Animal Crossing is simply the greatest game of all time. Animal Crossing is the only game to ever fill the overwhelming void in my life, not including Candy Crush, and for that I will always be grateful. Also, the characters are cute.


Why Video Games Attract Many During this Virus

May 14, 2020
By David Wu

With the development of technology, the Internet has spread all over the world, and mobile phones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Because of the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, most people have nothing to do at home. So, most young people start playing videogames. Even some adults are gradually joining in. So why is the videogame industry so attractive?

            First of all, with the advancement of technology and the increase in the variety of games, there are many games that are suitable for different ages and have very different was of playing. There are high-freedom survival creation mobile games like Minecraft, shooting games like PUBG or even strategic games. In these games, players can experience things that can't be built and imitated in life, and they can learn a lot of knowledge that may not be taught in life. Also, when people spend a whole day of work and study, they will inevitably feel tired, and the game can have a relaxing and restful effect.

Second, various games have social functions. During this epidemic, we cannot meet with friends, but the social functions of the game greatly reduce the distance between us. Not only can we communicate with each other frequently, but also can make friends from different countries. More importantly, through accomplishing tasks or achievements in the game, this can effectively promote your team's communication skills and team cohesion.

Third, playing video games often can keep your brain active and avoid mental decline. They can help reduce Alzheimer's disease or dementia, and also help increase memory. Not only that, it also improves your task scheduling and processing speed. Computer games often demand the need to process sensory information quickly and act quickly. Indecision or slow responses bring negative consequences. Therefore, players have a great incentive to reduce their reaction time. Players learn to process and respond faster, and in doing so continue to gain accuracy.

Although the games are very interesting and have many benefits, video games are still played on mobile phones and computers, and this will still affect the eyes and body after playing for a long time. Though these games are a good way to stay sane during this crisis, make sure to get outside and enjoy the trees, the sky, and the warmer temperatures that are coming our way. Keep yourselves protected as you go about your activities. We all sure hope that this epidemic will end soon!


What COVID-19 has Taught Me

May 14, 2020
By Abby Newell

Our world is currently full of fear, panic and anxiety. Being in the middle of a pandemic, that’s understandable. I’m sure at some point during this quarantine some of these fearful thoughts have run through your head; “How long will we be stuck in quarantine?”, “What if we can’t see anyone this summer?’’, “What if someone I love gets the virus?”. While all of these thoughts are understandable, they don’t do anything for us except make us worry a little bit more. What if we changed that mindset? What if we endeavored to look for peace during this panic?

I have definitely had my fair share of these fearful thoughts, but I have also tried to find joy while I’ve been stuck at home. It has honestly opened up lots of opportunities for me, like diving deeper into God’s word, spending quality time with my family and being able to just get out and enjoy nature. It has given me the opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t be doing if I were in normal school right now. Maybe that’s just it; it’s an opportunity to do things you normally don’t have time to do. One thing that I’ve thought a lot about throughout the quarantine is, what if this is God’s way of giving us a break from the normal hustle and bustle of life? What if He’s wanting us to calm down and figure out what we value most in life? What if He wants us to look to Him and learn more about what He wants from our life. All of these are very important questions to which we should ponder in our free time and try to find answers.

So, while you are stuck at home with not much to do, try to spend more time with God and His Word and look to Him in the tough times. Try and see what God wants you to accomplish while in quarantine and do it. I promise you won’t regret it!


Seniors Dreams Crushed by Virus

May 14, 2020
By Michelle Snyder

On March 23rd 2020 all of the seniors’ hopes and dreams were crushed as we realized we may never be in school again. This was all due to the spread of COVID-19. We soon realized we'd never see our classmates again or eat lunch with our friends. This virus really did ruin everything that the Seniors had planned and were looking forward too. Almost everything was canceled or postponed because of COVID. I do not find this fair to the seniors or really to any class who is hurting and very broken over this news. As the senior class held its graduation ceremony on May 9, we had limited people allowed to attend. We were not able to see many of our fellow classmates or walk alongside them.

Graduation is supposed to be a big event celebrated by the class along with family and friends of the graduate. However, due to the virus this was not the case. This was a moment that all families and the students looked forward to. The class of 2020 was not able to have the normal graduation or celebration that we anticipated as we have worked so hard and looked forward to this moment. COVID-19 has destroyed any hope of the senior class being together one last time. I never realized how much school meant to me until this virus took it away from me. I miss my teachers and my friends deeply. Learning how to cope with this has been difficult.

I am grateful for everything Mr. Scheck and the school have done though to honor the seniors. I really do appreciate the effort made by the administration to make sure the seniors were honored properly which included our own private ceremonies held in the school auditorium with limited family being able to watch and many gifts from teachers and parents. The teachers and the school have made this whole situation a little bit better and I am thankful for the love that has been shown to the class of 2020. It is nice to know and see that people do care and love us. I am sure I speak for all seniors when I say thank you for all the continuous prayers and effort expended into our senior class.


Inside A Senior’s Perspective On COVID-19

May 14, 2020
By Halacie Oliver

These last few months have not been what anyone was expecting or wanting...especially our 2020 seniors. People have been talking a lot about who would be affected most by this world pandemic. Some people say health care workers, some say small businesses, and many other groups of people are mentioned. I won’t say that seniors have been affected the most, but I will say that we have most definitely been robbed of some of the most fun memories in life. Seniors all around the world, including myself, have missed out on senior prom, senior trip, and most importantly a live graduation ceremony. From a senior's perspective, COVID-19 has not been very nice to us and it is hard to think about the things we looked forward too as never happening.

Although this pandemic has taken much away from us 2020 seniors, personally, I have felt support from others all around. People reaching out and continuously acknowledging the seniors for our accomplishments is very helpful. I am trying to focus on the future and accept those things which have happened that are out of my control. This year was not ideal, but God always has a bigger plan. I know all of us seniors at LCA know that we are strong for making it through. A verse that has helped me personally is Jeremiah 29:11 which says, "For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."


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