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Faculty Spotlight - David Bryant

April 23, 2018
By Josh C. - Journalism Student
What do you love about LCA?
Our great students and teachers.
What do you like teaching at LCA? 
Of all the things that I've taught over the years, Math is one of my favorites. Beyond teaching, I love my role as Guidance Counselor. 
What motivated you to become a teacher at LCA? 
I started working at Dayton Christian over 20 years ago, and have transitioned to Xenia Christian, and now to LCA. 
How do you teach a biblical worldview?
By sharing God's Word whenever I have the opportunity, and trying to model His grace and love as I interact and develop relationships with students. 
What is a unique experience, talent, or interest that you bring to your classroom? 
Various life experiences, such as being a Jewish believer in Christ, and travelling all over the U.S.  I love to share the ways that I've seen God working in my life over the years. 
What sets LCA students apart from students from other schools? 
Our classes seem to grow and mature as a group and become a family. 
How do you teach the mission of LCA? 
By supporting the family and church in encouraging our students to become more like Jesus. I think this is best done in developing great relationships with our students, pointing them in the right direction. 
What do you admire most in a student? 
Someone who knows when to be serious, and how to have positive natured fun. A good sense of humor is important.