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A Word From the Superintendent

Greetings, folks!

Thanks for checking us out!  We love the Christian education business!! 

I find parents (and even more so, Grandparents) amazed by the speed of time!!  We often say, “time flies” with a sense of desperation and lack of control!  So, rather than bum out because our kids grew up too fast and winter is around the corner… We have to deal with it!

For me part of “dealing with it” is to make sure my days count and the mission God has set me on is valuable, effective, well-thought, and advancing.

LCA Mission:  To partner with Christian families in providing a Bible-centered, quality education that equips, trains, and disciples students to follow Christ and impact culture.

Valuable:  Your kids are fearfully and wonderfully made! They come in all shapes and sizes, gifts and talents, full of potential. We want to partner with you in the value-add responsibility of education and discipleship. It is our privilege to work with you and for you as you entrust us, and partner with us, in this mission!

Effective:  I believe Christian education is crucial. In a time when culture is changing so fast, evil seems to be making big gains and only 5% of people have a Christian/Biblical worldview… wow!! What we do is needed and the truth we teach is the only way this generation is going to be able to navigate the crazy/unknown future. And yes, let me tell you, the education is effective (come check us out at an open house or plan a meeting with me and I will show you more).

Well-Thought:  My teachers and I just recently returned from a great conference. We are always reading through books, going to seminars, currently involved in an accreditation cycle, and our teacher education/CEU curriculum points us to being thoughtful and wise stewards of our minds, our hearts, our souls, our spirits, and yes, our bodies!! This development (for ourselves and your kids) of character, of servants, of leaders (proclaiming what it means to be human), is a mighty thing to consider and we will continue to push ourselves into best practice, professional, innovative, and cutting-edge applications and thought.

Advancing:  I was challenged the other day why I like to use Matthew 11:12 as a favorite verse. I like the translation I found (old NIV) that says John the Baptist was forceful and it takes forceful people to advance His Kingdom. Newer translations use the word violent. Why would you encourage us to be violent? Okay, no... I did not like how that felt until I started thinking about school and church shootings, media manipulation, internet and social media garbage that is overtaking our kids (and adults too), drug epidemics (in Dayton), depression and suicide, broken families, well as you can imagine, I got depressed!

No wonder our response and our ability to advance and overtake that which has been taken from us requires violence! Reminds me of Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 4:8-13 which I will paraphrase here “You may have knocked me down, but I’m going to get back up and I’m going to keep getting up!”  So yes, despite many things against us, we are growing and we are always getting better!

Well, do you hear what I am saying? Better yet, do you feel what I am saying? No doubt time is flying, but every minute counts as we strategically make forward/forceful advance!

Be encouraged! He who is in us is way better that he who is in the world.

Believe me, we are the real deal at LCA and we want to be part of the best use of time because your kids are growing up fast!

In His Grip,

Dan Bragg, Ed.D
LCA Superintendent

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